‘The Rock’ as natives call it. Nestled off the east coast of the Canadian mainland, this misty island is surrounded by 29,000 kilometers of coastline and welcoming people ready to tell their stories of life in this land of outdoor adventure.  If exploration is something you seek look no further because Newfoundland has a rich, colorful environment, from hiking trails and wildlife to a wave-battered coastline with interesting fishing villages. 

Start your journey in St. Johns, the capital and largest city in Newfoundland, where you can stroll through the unique crisscrossing streets and alleyways where shops, dining, caf├ęs, lively pubs and music line the streets. St. Johns is also the oldest and most easterly city in North America, offering a vibrant, historic, colorful and contemporary vibe. From the bustling commercial port with interesting boats to the jellybean row houses wedged together overlooking the ocean, St. Johns is an interesting place to check out.

Looking to take a day escape? Newfoundland has many options. One popular pit stop along the scenic drive through the Trans-Canada Highway is Gambo. Gambo marks the end of the scenic drive from Gander, known as the Road to the Shore, and offers beautiful panoramic views of the area, including Gambo Pond. And don’t forget to stop by the quaint town of Clarenville on your way. The people there are some of the friendliest you will stumble upon, and the marine climate is surrounded by lovely vistas.

Transatlantic travelers will find that Newfoundland is unique and rich with Canadian history and culture. So when you arrive be on the lookout for puffins, take in a delicious plate of Newfoundland’s fish and brews, fill your lungs with the fresh air, see a whale or an iceberg and don’t forget to sit down with a local over a cup of tea while their stories take you away to another time. These are the things that make Newfound a tapestry of great experiences-an experience you will never forget.




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