Faces of The Villages

While working as a photojournalist for the Daily Sun and living close to The Villages I had an idea for a project called ‘Faces of The Villages.’ In such a huge community there are a lot of people who come and go and they each have so many different stories to share. So during my travels around this place I started to make connections with some of my subjects by getting to know them. Some were for a brief moment as I approached them and others I have had the opportunity to sit down and make a real connection with while sharing a moment together.

I noticed something unique started to happen as this ongoing project evolved. I was beginning to get real personal statements from them about their life, who they were, who they are now, a loved one lost, a fear conquered, a skilled learned and memories never forgotten.

Each statement depicts these faces and each one is unique in their very own way. You see, these faces have already lived through life. Some may have raised a family, while others led a professional life and now they continue to live in this community while developing a purpose to live out the rest of their days.

These faces are the faces of yesterday, but some of their stories are ones that resonate with us and at times make us question our very own purpose. I invite you to take a moment with these faces, they each have something to say.

I have several other faces and faces that I know I haven’t even met yet.

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