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Toys of War

It is very hard to read about things like this, let alone watch them. We must remember every single day to count our blessings, because these children and children around the globe that encounter the things shown in this video don’t deserve the torment that they are going through.

As children we were safe. Had a warm bed to sleep in, new clothes on our backs and fresh food on our tables from the hard work that our parents put in to take care of us. We threw tantrums when we didn’t get what we wanted and forged friendships with kids around the corner sharing our manufactured toys. We were just kids and our parents would always tell us to be thankful for what we had because others didn’t have the same opportunities as we did.

This world is filled with kids that don’t have the opportunity to live out their childhood because they are running in fear. When the fear subsides they try and go back to playing in the dirt with their friends and having an imagination. They don’t know what being spoiled is like or entering a store where everything you could possible want is at your fingertips. They have no choice, only the will to live.

We also have our own trials and tribulations here at home and at sometimes they seem overwhelming and can be difficult to overcome. When our dust settles, we move along and sweep it away. When the dust of a war-torn country settles, the children come out to play, until the dust rises again.


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