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Professional Photography Values


There is so much to be said for photographers as we have so many ideas to convey and share with others, but our ultimate journey is one within ourselves, it is about who we are and what makes up our worldview. Photography also has a strong visual language that shares important features with verbal language-both communicative and organizational. Understanding the useful ways to approach a career in photography is quite important, but keeping that career and being successful is crucial.

Within the field of photography a steady relationship not just with yourself but also with the people that you interact with through your professional life is crucial. It is your own responsibility to go out and create new relationships or hold on to ones that you may have had for a while. With this responsibility comes great usefulness, but to obtain that you must understand that people value us as individuals. They see something in our photography, they see something in how we carry ourselves, and they hold their highest interest in us for whom we really are. How we carry ourselves displays our work ethic and it is of the utmost importance when it comes to interaction with the world; whether in an interpersonal setting or within a social media network. Recognizing and acting on opportunity is vital. Go for it! Act on your feelings, and if you don’t go for it you will never know how it would have turned out. As photographers, literally at times chance is all that we have to run with.

Overall reflection of self, visual language, and a clear vision of what you really truly want from photography is key. It might take some time and effort, but it can be accomplished with great dedication, and passion. We carry so many ideas by our side because photos are a huge reproduction of self — these images we produce become a part of our souls — they linger after we are dead and gone. You must remember how important it is to never back down, to remember who you are, what you stand for, and if you want to be successful that success is not something that gets handed to you or something that just appears. By going outside in the world, looking around, and taking a chance. Positive results will ensue.

This one life is placed before us to do whatever it is that we wish to do and how we wish to approach it is based on our individual decisions. You see, our visual language has many dialects. Being happy with yourself, your work, and your thought process, will offer a multitude of different successful paths to choose from. Always remember that giving up is never an option. I wouldn’t be a photojournalist today for a successful newspaper if it wasn’t for some of these important key points. It took me a while to figure out what I wanted and how to obtain some sort of success. I had great help along the way and kept an open heart and an open mind to whatever obstacles were placed before my path.

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