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Edward Weston

Edward Weston

“Like a painting or a poem, a photograph can be an experience in itself.”

Recently I was introduced to this video as well as the photographer that I have never heard of. The video is a timeless piece about Edward Weston and his uses of a viewfinder camera.

This video was done in 1948, but its philosophical nature as well as the techniques that are used still stand tall among photographers today.

Photographers are a unique bunch. Our eyes are the tools that we use to determine our next shot. We are always thinking, seeking and viewing the world possible differently than someone else is seeing it. The ideas behind a photograph are a true experience that is shared with so many walks of life. While the photograph allows the photographer to seek something within himself or herself, it also is an interpersonal interaction with the outside world.

Important and lasting relationships are also formed around photography, showing that the photograph can last a lifetime while also evolving society.

Photography is powerful, it is a form of expression that has been used for a long time and it stimulates are minds while filling our souls with a sense of life.

“The reasons why we like things are often buried deep below our conscious minds, stemming perhaps from some long forgotten experience in our childhood or answering a need that we ourselves don’t know we have.”

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